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Price are based on a real state transaction of a single-family residence under 5,000 sq ft.
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(additional fee may apply
for properties out of network)
$350/yr. $39.17/mo.
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Air conditioner/heater
Unlimited A/C Units  
Unlimited Heating Units  
Freon Recapture/Recovery /Recharge  
Electric A/C Window Units      
Plumbing Pipe Leaks
Water Heater(includes tankless)
Angle Stop & Gate Valves
Interior Hose Bibs
Instant Hot Water Dispenser  
Pressure Regulator Valve  
Drain Line Stoppages    
Whirlpool Motor and Pump Assembly    
Shower and Diverter Valves    
Shower Heads & Arms    
Failures due to Sediment in Water Heater    
Garbage Disposal
Trash Compactor
Built-in Microwave
Kitchen Exhaust Fan  
Kitchen Refrigerator    
Refrigerator Ice Maker      
Washer & Dryer      
Electrical System
Ceiling & Exhaust Fans  
Central Vacuum  
Garage Door Opener Units    
Attic & Whole House Fans    
Coverage Upgrades
Hotel Stay Coverage (Pertaining to cooling and heating repairs only)    
Water Service Line Protection (Coverage for the service line that brings water to your home)      
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Total Plan cost   STANDARD Plus Premium
  $350/year. $430/year. $480/year. $550/year.
A LA Carte Options(add to any package)
  • Washer / Dryer

  • Washer / Dryer / Refrigerator

  • Kitchen Refrigerator

  • Built-in Refrigerator

  • Wet Bar Refrigerator

  • Free Standing Ice Maker

  • Pool / Spa / Hot tub

  • Refrigerator Ice Maker

  • Salt Water Pool
    (inc.pool / spa / hot tub)

  • Water Softener

  • Rey-Key Service

  • Garage Door Opener

  • Drain Line Stoppages

  • Water Service Line Protection

  • Sewer Service Line Protection

  • Hotel Stay Coverage

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